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Published on may 3th, 2021 | by Anthony Martínez

One of the things I enjoy most as a music writer is discovering bands that didn’t make it even when they were making good music. 

The reasons why these bands did not reach popularity and greater recognition can be many, however, there is always a moment where they can be remembered and brought back for more people to enjoy their music.

 This time I want to talk about the band Azlan, maybe you have never heard them, in fact I never saw an article about this band in other internet sites or magazines, so this is maybe one of the few times to write about this band formed more than 30 years ago.

 If you are a fan of bands like Angelica, Bon Jovy, The Brave or White Heart, I am sure you will love Azlan.

 Although the band was formed in 1983 by members Todd Gouge (LeadVox/Bass), Chad Walden (All Guitars), and Travis Gouge (Drums/Percussion), it wasn’t until 1994 when they released their only album “Will Play For God”, musically influenced by bands like Bon Jovy, Petra or Whiteheart.

 The album was totally self produced and was recorded, mixed, engineered and mastered by Mark C. Smith at Full Moon Studios in Watkinsville, Georgia.

 Hailing from the metro-Atlanta area, the band received some local notoriety, but there was no national airplay for their music, this may be because their melodic/glam sound was no longer of major interest to radio stations and record labels were more interested in the grunge or alternative sound during the 90s.

 I’ve always thought that bands like Holy Soldier or The Brave were too late to the Glam Rock/Metal party with their first album, now imagine Azlan arriving in the mid 90s.

 Like many bands of the 80s, Azlan tried to adjust to the Alternative sound of the time, during ‘96 they changed for some months their name to NOIZ as well as their harmonious sound for something they describe as “nastier”. Curiously, they headlined many events with Aperture bands like Disciple or Nailed, the latter two achieved a lot of notoriety, while Azlan was left in oblivion

Although the group never officially disintegrated, they have not had any official reunion or releases since the late 90s. Last February that the band released a statement through their official facebook page, announcing that they have reunited to release a new album by the end of 2021, Yes!

AZLAN to officially release new album 4th quarter of 2021! AZLAN has been working on new material set for release end of 2021.

Songs will compromise of previously written material written near the end of the band’s hiatus in the late 1990s, plus additional brand new material never heard by the public.

Stay dialed in for more details as the year progresses.

Front cover of Will Play For God (1994)

1 Thy Will Be Done
2 Stop the Rain
3 Forever in Your Eyes
4 Here I Am
5 Nails
6 Song for Love
7 Shout It Out
8 Razors Edge
9 Hearts
10 Come Back to Me (Forgive & Forget)

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