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Stryper launches video of the song Divider


Published on october 5th, 2020 | by Anthony Martinez

    Stryper's new album "Even the Devil Believes" has once again impressed metal fans around the world. The album has been accompanied by two lyric videos and the video clip for the song "Do unto Others" which is about to reach 1 million reproductions on youtube.

    But this is not over yet, Stryper has released a new video clip for the song Divider, one of the most acclaimed by Stryper fans.

    Michael Says:  << We are so amazed at the response of our first video, “Do Unto Others”. We are very blessed to have been able to not only shoot one video but to also shoot a second video for “Divider”! This song has received an incredible amount of positive comments from fans worldwide. And to top it off, we recorded a group of fans on the choruses. They nailed it!! We’re very happy to bring you yet another incredible video (despite the obstacles and difficulties of trying to do so) and we hope you like what you see/hear. Please help us spread the word and take this one to the top. Here is Divider! >>

1. Blood From Above
2. Make Love Great Again
3. Let Him In
4. Do Unto Others
5. Even The Devil Believes
6. How To Fly
7. Divider
8. This I Pray
9. Invitation Only
10. For God & Rock 'N' Roll
11. Middle Finger Messia

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