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Bride will release a new album: Here is your God

Published on october 19th, 2020 | by Anthony Martínez

    To talk about Bride, is to talk about one of the biggest Christian metal bands of all times, and one of the most prodigious voices of metal, Dale Thompson.

    But what happened to Bride? Where are they now?

    Well, the first thing you need to know is that they have continued to make music. Singer Dale Thompson lives in New Zealand, his brother and guitarist Troy lives in the United States, they are the only ones who continue making music for Bride as official members. Despite this, Bride has released two albums in recent years, Incorruptible in 2013 and Snake Eyes in 2018, not to mention that Dale Thompson is a skilled composer and singer as he is also part of many other groups simultaneously.

    This time, the Thompson brothers are preparing to present to the world Bride's new album: Here is your God

    Dale Thompson Says:  << So close my friends! I literally am blown away by the brilliance of the players on this one. Groove, tight, hooks, imaginative creations that fall into the Bride style adding to our repertoire. >>

    It is also important to mention Brazil's musicians Nenel Lucena and Alexandre Aposan, bass and drums respectively, who are recording on Bride's new album and also recorded for the album "Snake Eyes" released in 2018 and the album Take It by Storm by N.O.G., another Dale Thompson band.

    How do songs arise with musicians living in different countries?

    After Troy records a basic guitar riff in his home studio, he sends it to Dale who tries to fit lyrics to it. After a few transfers of the song back and forth, they will agree to pursue the song or decide to nix it.

    There is still no exact date for the release of this album, what is known is that they have been working on it for the last 6 months. In the following video, Dale shows us some fragments of songs that will be part of the album Here is Your God

    Wait for more news about Bride and Dale Thompson. You can pre-order Here is Your God at: https://www.bridepub.com/

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