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Latin singers launch cover of the classic Petra song Love


Published on september 17th, 2020 | by Anthony Martinez

    A group of Christian artists from Latin America, has launched a version in Spanish of the song Love from Petra.  The production includes musicians and singers from different Latin American countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, as well as a singer from Spain.

    The initiative to bring together singers and musicians from different countries to sing this classic song of Petra, is from the Argentinan Christian rock band Pacto Perpetuo.

    Last year, we witnessed something similar when Christian singers from Argentina launched their own version of Whitecross "In The Kingdom" in Spanish. It should be noted that Argentina is the country with the most Christian rock and metal bands in Latin America, many of which are openly known in Hispanic countries.

GABRIELA SEPULVEDA: Voice – Boanerges – Argentina
KAROL GIRALDO: Voice – Dam – Ecuador
RODRIGO GODOY : Voice and Keyboards – Efrata – Neumanation- Brasil
HERNAN FORTUNA: Voice and Guitar – Templo – Argentina – Estados unidos
BELÉN SOMMARIVA: Choir – Perlak – Argentina
ALBERTO CHAVES: Guitar – Sin Paredes – Costa Rica
ROSA DE BENITO: Cello – Solista – Orquesta Opus 26 – Orquesta de cámara “Vie Musicale” – España
AYELÉN MARCEILLAC: Violin and Choir – Duo Adonai – Argentina
LUCAS ORTIZ: Flute – Duo Adonai – Argentina
MARIO ARDILLA: Bass – Ágape – Kebranto – Chile
PABLO RÍSPOLI: Bass – Pacto perpetuo – Argentina
MARCOS SANABRIA: Drums – Redimidos.Py – Kebranto- Paraguay
FERNANDO ESPINOLA: Percussion – Edel – Kebranto – Paraguay
EZEQUIEL RÍSPOLI: Accordion – Pacto perpetuo – Argentina
JUAN IGNACIO TOSCANO: Keyboards – Pacto perpetuo – Argentina
JONATÁN RÍSPOLI: Voice and Guitar – Pacto perpetuo – Argentina
JAVIER BARRETO: Production, mixing and mastering – Año cero – Argentina
KARINA ESPINOSA: Manager – Pacto perpetuo – Voz de Estruendo – Ilumina – Perlak – Argentina
JAVIER GAZZE: (FRAME WORKS) Audiovisual Production.

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