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Fierce Heart is back with a new album

Published on august 18th, 2020 | by Anthony Martinez

The 80s were a key moment in the history of Christian rock and metal. One of those iconic bands for Christian hard rock was Whitecross, led by one of the greatest guitarists of the entire 80s, Rex Carroll. What few people know is that before Whitecross, Rex had another band called Fierce Heart and they released an album in 1985.

Originally from Chicago, Fierce Heart was a melodic rock project put together by Jim Delehart of Mirage Records and the band's manager John Doumanian. The latter had discovered Larry Elkins in Nashville and, having heard of Carroll's guitar skills, chose to introduce the musicians, which in turn led to the recording of a single album in 1985 called simply "Fierce Heart".

Fierce Heart's return consists of Nick Forchione on drums, Rex Carroll on guitars as the only original member, Bob Reynolds as the new singer and Antonio Acevedo on bass.

Almost 35 years later, after an unexpected return, the band announces the release of a new album called "War For The World" under the label Dark Star Records/Sony/Universal and will be released on September 25th.

You can pre-order by clicking here and listen to the first single available below:

1. Into The Sun
2. Built For Speed
3. Out For Blood
4. Just Got Lucky
5. Lost Inside Your Love
6. Power To Rock
7. Bad Child
8. Rest My Bones
9.Long Time
10. War For The World
11. Road To Nowhere

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