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Sacred Warrior is looking for a new singer

Published on january 25th, 2020 | by Anthony Martinez

One of the Christian metal bands that attracted the most attention in the late 80s and early 90s was Sacred Warrior. With progressive metal, the prodigious voice of Rey Parra and the extraordinary guitar work of Bruce Swift, they became one of the favorite bands on white metal.
Their return in 2001 has not been the same, they have rarely performed live and have only released one album during the new century. Wainting in Darkness of 2013 was very well received by both the band's old fans, as well as for the newer white metal fans, this album marked a significant moment as Rey Parra broke up with the band Eli Prinsen became the lead singer, leaving many with their mouths open.

A promising future seemed to be looming for this legendary band. However, after this album, the band seems not to have been having a good time. 

In 2015, they announced that would enter the studio for a new album, in March 2016 they would release a new single called "Slave", three months later, Eli Prinsen announced that he would leave the group, according to his own words, due to the lack of time to dedicate to Sacred Warrior.

Always in 2016, in December they announced the return of Rey Parra as lead singer and released their own version of the Christmas classic God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, everything seemed to be getting better for the band. 

Then, in March 2019, almost three years later, they released a new single called "Blood River". 

Recently, on December 28th, Sacred Warrior announced through their facebook page, that they are looking for a new singer, needless to say Ray Parra is no longer with them again. Progress on a new album has stalled in recent years due to the lack of an established singer. Although Ray Parra has been the lead singer for over 25 years, he doesn't seem to have the same willingness to continue in the music scene, as he has also retired from Worldview as lead singer.

No singer has been officially announced yet, however, if you think you have the talent and willingness to be the lead singer of Sacred Warrior, or maybe you know someone, you can contact the band at mail: Steve@GatheringStormMedia.com

This is a great opportunity to be part of an amazing metal band from the 80s.

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