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The Power of the Guitar Solo

Published on december 29th, 2019 | by Pastor Wildman

Everyone has that special moment in a song where you turn the volume up. You want to get lost in the moment and escape from all that is around you. For some its when the beat kicks in, others when the high note is sung, for me (and other guitarists) it is the guitar solo. Hearing a solo from an accomplished guitarist is listening to Gods creation. The guitarist is not simply following the rules or playing the right scale pattern or following the right key. They are taking you into another dimension, another reality words cannot explain. How often have you observed the closed eyes and the intense concentration of the guitar player? They are on the same journey into the world of the unimaginable.

     When I listen to my favorites: Rex Carroll(Whitecross) , Bob Hartman (Petra), Phil Keaggy (Phil Keaggy Band) and Oz Fox/Michael Sweet (Stryper)- I get lost not only in their amazing ability, but in a connection that is beyond the physical world. With no lyrics, a message from a guitar solo is proclaimed beyond comprehension.

     In Hebrews chapter one Jesus is said to be holding all things together, made purification for sins and now sits at the right hand of God (Hebrews 1:3). Theologians have done a great job explaining this phenomenon with limited human understanding. Yet, a mystery still is evident. How can one explain this? God became man. He was crucified for all sin, resurrected and ascended into Heaven and is sitting at the right hand of God? This goes beyond our comprehension. Perhaps this helps in understanding what happens when we hear that great solo. Music is not listened to so that life can stay the same. The purpose is to let us rise above our situations and circumstances and enjoy a world we do not see. The same is true with Christ. We didn't see Him crucified. Nor, did we witness the resurrection or the ascension. In this moment we do not see Him sitting at the right hand of the Father. Still, we are able to trust this truth as it takes us into a world beyond, one we are unable to articulate.

     The next time you hear that great guitar solo be reminded of what Christ did and is doing. He just may be using that moment for you to recognize a world beyond yourself.

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