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John Schlitt releases new album "GO"

Published on december 26th, 2019 | by Anthony Martinez

John Schlitt has released his new album "Go" on December 23rd. The album was produced by Dan Needham, John Lawry and Mark Lee Townsend who is a well-known producer of dc Talk and Relient K. The new album also comes with several special appearances.

John Schlitt's website describes the album "GO":
Go is a statement of movement. Sometimes movement is a forward motion - and sometimes movement takes a momentary pause while we wait for direction. In both cases, "going" does not mean staying in our comfort zone and doing nothing. We are moving forward or idling while waiting for God's direction. And when the time comes - then "GO"

The album is only available in digital format through John's online store and will be available in physical format within one to two months according to John's words on his facebook account.

Track listing:
1. Go
2. Feel It
3. Takin’ It Higher
4. Fighting the Fight
5. Just Let Go
6. Time Keeps Rollin’
7. Where Would I Be
8. Find A Way
9. Fake News
10. Let’s Go
11. Not Dead Yet


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