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Stayce Roberts is working on The Brave's fourth album.

Published on april 2nd, 2019 | by Damaris Villegas

Stacey Roberts, guitarist at The Brave, is looking to reborn his old band with a new album he's been working on.Stayce has been writing new songs and has released the project through GoFundMe.

"I’m asked all the time via Facebook, Email & Twitter, “Hey, Stayce, when are you guys going to put out a new record?” Well, the answer is, 2019 gang, but we’re going to need some help." - He wrote about the project.

The Brave (besides the fact that we are already in the year 2019, helloo!) is no longer the band they were in their first two albums Battle Cries and Trust. The first of 1991, which is personally my favorite for the classic sound of the bands of the golden age of melodic hard rock, and the second of 1994, with a more heavy rock style that also added many fans and got good responses despite the change.

Their line-up changed in the early recordings, their vocalists gave the band different sounds in their respective recordings: James Salters in Battle Cries and Randy Roberts (R.I.P.) in Trust. Both singers were really good. But some fans didn't like the sound of the Trust and Stacey responded to criticism on the heavy harmonies site:   
"I was one of the guitarists in the Brave for both records. This record was a joy to make. Battlecries was really the record the label wanted to make-this was close to what the first record would've sounded like if it were left up to us. I love both albums, but this was us. John & Dino were great, and taught us alot. This record always reminds me of hanging out with Michael Sweet-one of the real Christians in the market. Treasured memories, treasured friend. As were the Elefantes and JR McNeely."

Stacey has sought the band's return and has done so by paying tribute to his brother who passed away in 2007, with the album Rise in 2014 featuring vocalist Amanda Z and Johnny Z (drums), as well as former members Malcolm Paris and Steve Irwin.  The recording included new versions of songs from their first two albums, such as "Running All My Life", "If that ain't love", "All Together Now", "Dirty Water" to adapt their sound to Amanda's voice.

It was a good album and got good responses too. I loved Amanda's very powerful and versatile voice (girl power!) but I felt like I was listening to another band and not The Brave. I think that maybe, apart from the changes in vocalists, it's because those of us who fell in love with their debut are still waiting for a new Battle Cries, but in general all the band's work is good and thanks to Stacey's perseverance.

"In 2014, we put out an album that had some great remakes on it of our previous material, as well as 4 new songs. The reaction was great, but it appears that everyone wants more! Being our primary songwriter, I am happy to oblige, and I am currently in preproduction with some of my Brave partners and I can assure you, it’s gonna rock like the days of old! Picture a toss up between Trust and Battlecries—that’s where we’re headed, so buckle up!" - Continues writting Stacey in the GoFundMe project.

Stayce Roberts doesn't give up and keeps looking for a way to get The Brave back, which I think is admirable, since as I said about David & The Giants, "We need a reborn of Classic Christian rock".  And lovers of the classic -like us (CCR)- will love to meet again with these bands that have accompanied them in their teen days, bringing them closer to Jesus.

So attention fans! This upcoming album that will contain 10 new songs will probably be called "Lucid (The darkness & The light)" and will have Stacey as new vocalist. Regarding to the sound He explained: 
"Some of you want more Battlecries type of tunes (comin’ up!), while some of you are asking for more of a bluesy, Trust vibe (no problemo!), while there is a new breed of fan that wants more of the 4 new tunes off of Rise (absolutely!). The thing is, I tend to write a certain way--I like big hooks, melody for days, big vocals, guitars & drums (maybe my time writing with John Elefante rubbed me off on me!), and this album is going to have all of that--all of the things that we were known for."

I'm so glad for this project and I trust that this band will Rock like the old days. To find out more information about the project, if you're eager and curious like me, be sure to check out the updates on the band's Facebook page and Stacey's project on the GoFundMe site where you can help to make it happen.

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