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Michael Feighan, new Drummer of The World Will Burn

Published on janaury 3rd, 2019 | PRESS RELEASE

The World Will Burn first arrived on the heavy music scene in 2016 with their debut album “Severity”.  Hard to describe, but certainly different, the band achieved critical acclaim and showed some impressive staying power on the Amazon alternative metal charts.  Fronted by singer Dale Thompson, best known as the long time singer for the highly popular band Bride, the group followed up quickly with the album “RuiNation” in 2017.  
“RuiNation” took a big step for the band, with more mature musical renderings that continued the bands totally different/vaguely familiar song arrangements.  
“RuiNation” expanded the band’s popularity and put them solidly as one of the fastest rising bands in the hard rock genre.  

With the success of their first two albums under their belt, why would The World Will Burn change things up on their third album?  Simple, says co-founder and multi-instrumentalist Alan Zaring.  “I have always felt that our weak spot was the drumming on our first two albums.  I hacked it out the best I could, mainly programming anything complex.  At the same time, I didn’t want to give up too much control over the process, and really didn’t know who would be a good fit.  When Dale reached out to Michael, I started to listen to his music and knew immediately he was the perfect drummer for TWWB” said Zaring.  "It turns out he is a super cool guy as well as being a world-class drummer”.

The Michael he refers to is Michael Feighan, the drummer well-known for his long stint with the band Whitecross, and well as the all-star collaboration King James. States Feighan “I started playing drums and caught the music bug around 16 ears old and was a huge fan of Kiss and Rush.  Drumming became my passion and I started listening to all the greats such as Steve Gadd and David Garibaldi and guys like that. When I was around 19 years old I was in Germany and really dedicated my life to Christ. I knew then that I wanted to use my gift in God’s army somehow, someway!”  Feighan continued by saying “I have so much to be thankful for and one of those things is being brought into the company of Dale Thompson and Alan Zaring of The World Will Burn!  I am excited about the outcome of this album as I have always wanted to work with Dale, and now meeting his songwriting partner and the wizard behind the curtain Alan I think this has great potential!

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Dale Thompson echoed Zaring and Feighan’s excitement. “The World Will Burn has taken a permanent place in my heart working along side Alan Zaring and creating vocal melodies to go with his creative guitar hooks and crafty songs.  I have always wanted to have the beat master Michael Feighan record drums on something I have sung on and now after all of these many years, Michael is on board and adding his incredible drums licks to TWWB.  Michael and I have shared the stage many times when he was drumming for Whitecross.  I am thankful to God that he has some downtime to join Alan and me.

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