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Randy Rose Announces Kickstarter Campaign For New Album, The Masked Monster

The New Rose Album - The Masked Monster - is a journey through our hearts, and the wickedness we hide behind -
Published on september 9th, 2018 | PRESS RELEASE

I am so excited to get going on this New Rose Album, We all had such great success on the last two Kickstarter Campaigns, and we owe that all to You, and God Thank You!  This record is going to go farther than (Songs For The ritually abused) by Un masking the "Masked Monster" it seems we get such a drive of confidence from hiding who we really are, the problem is... how far will you go to get what you want, this record lyrically will be intense, and hard to swallow, musically I'm very excited about this one.

Rose Studios recently purchased a Vintage Auditronics 501Analog recording console, so this record is going to be thick and punchy - We appreciate all the years of support, and hopefully I can offer some wonderful stretch goals of the Rose Demos, and un released material - if we hit 20K This will be a 2 CD release -

We really need your support to get the message out that Jesus is the healer of all of our brokenness - Thank you guys in advance - please look at all of the pledge levels, and hopefully you will find your spot in this process of making this new record - Lets Do Together Again!

Randy Rose

You can support The Masked Monster at: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1260509704/new-rose-album-2018-kickstarter-campaign?ref=project_link


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