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Deliverance - The Subversive Kind (2018)

Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: February 23, 2018
Format: CD, Vinil, Digital
Tracks: 8
Label: 3 Frogz / Roxx Records
Rating: 75%

1. Brimg 'Em Down (4:38)
2. Concept of the other (3:53)
3. Center of it All (3:42)
4. The Black Hand (3:52)
5. Epilogue (4:01)
6. Listen Closely (3:27)
7. The Subversive Kind (4:13)
8. The Fold (4:29)

Deliverance, monsters of Christian thrash metal, who together with Tourniquet, refuse to disappear, and their creativity does not stop.

Subversive Kind, released in February of this year on the Roxx Records label, with the powerful voice of its leader Jimmy P. Brown, who brought former bass player of Tourniquet Victor Macias, as wel the drummer for The Crucified and Once Dead, Jim Chaffin. But the biggest surprise for Deliverance fans was the return of one of their founding members, Mr. Glenn Rogers, who had been in the band's line-up from 1985 to 1989, having only been part of the band's debut album in 1988.

The album was released in CD format, and 150 copies of Red Vinyl and 200 in Black Vinyl were also released, and of course, also in digital format.

Subversive Kind becomes the eleventh studio album of the band, I would love to say it sounds like a more mature and experienced band, however, the sound of this album takes us back to the beginning of the group, although with a more linear sound from beginning to end, and without the spark that Deliverance has presented us in many of his previous songs.

But don't be scared, there are things on this album that will get you hooked on it, of course, if you're an old-school Thrash metal fanatic. 

I can't imagine how tired can be to sing with the intensity that Jimmy sings from beginning to end on this album, and although it doesn't have the same vocal range as on previous albums, you can really enjoy the energy that Jimmy sings with in the 30 minutes of Subversive Kind.

In "Epilogue" and "Listen Closely", there are some interesting Guitar solos, characteristic of the band, with hooks that really catch you. I realized that in most of the songs, after 2 minutes an instrumental part begins with guitar solos, I don't know if this was done on purpose by the members of the band, or if it was pure coincidence, I don't know.

Undoubtedly I think they hit the nail on the head ending with The Fold, as it presents a good guitar solo followed by the choir that ends the song and the album.

The cover art was by Scott Waters of Ultimatum and Nolifetilmetal, quite curious and controversial when he showed two children with daggers in their hands and who have a tail and horns, who advance slowly to face an army of soldiers wearing gas masks, and their shields have the Deliverance logo. Is this controversial?

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