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Stryper launches new song and lyric video "Take It To The Cross"


Published on february 9th, 2018 | by Anthony Martinez

When Michael Sweet says that Stryper's next album will be better than the previous one, it's because he means it. 

Stryper's volume has risen in recent albums, this time they seems to have been placed between the Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal lines. This week they has released the song "Take it to the Cross", which will be part of their upcoming album "God Damn Evil". This song is a sign that the next Stryper album will be something really amazing. 

"’Take It To The Cross’ is our answer to many fans asking us to do something a little heavier and even bordering on thrash,” says Michael. “The verses are heavy with a vocal and lyric delivery that's bold and relevant yet the chorus kicks in with a fast, thrashy vibe. We brought in Matt Blanchard (Act Of Defiance / Shadows Fall) to handle the vocal growl on the choruses and the end vamp. This song is 100% high octane.”

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