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February 6, 1988. Whitecross performed live on Kansas City area

Published on february 18th, 2018 | by Scott Weldon
Just getting started on their stellar career, the guys were willing to come help out with William Jewell College's radio station fund raiser. KWJC was trying to increase its power to reach more of the KC area, and several concerts were lined up to help raise funds. Whitecross graciously agreed to be a part of that, and to make the trip even more cost effective for them, they stayed in the dorm rooms of our college DJs.

One of the “gimmicks” the band used during the concert was to turn the tables on the fans and take pictures of them during the show. One of my favorite mementos of all time is this picture taken by guitarist Rex Carroll. He had forgotten his camera, and since he was staying in my room, asked to borrow mine. After the show, he simply gave the camera back, leaving this great shot on the roll for me to keep. You can see singer Scott Wentzel's arm in the shot as he is also taking a photo of the crowd.

Whitecross obviously went on to much bigger and better things, but this is a reminder that we all start somewhere, right? Thanks for the generosity, the humility, and the memories.

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