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Whitecross returns to Guatemala in December 2017

Posted on october 24th, 2017 | by Anthony Martinez

After 9 years, the legendary Christian Metal band "Whitecross" will be performing again in Guatemala next December.

Whitecross will offer two concerts in this Central American country, the first will be held on Saturday 9 December in the city of San Marcos, and the second will be on Sunday 10 December in the province of Sumpango.

The band formed by Scott Wenzel (Voice), Rexx Carroll (Guitar), Michael Feighan (Drums) and Benny Ramos (Bass), has performed three times in that country, first in 1992, and later a concert in 2008 and another in 2009, this time they return to Guatemala for a fourth visit with two concerts.

In addition to Whitecross, the Argentine singer Mario Ian will also perform with them. Mario Ian stood out in the 80s as vocalist of the band Alakran, but his greatest recognition would be in 1994 when he became the vocalist of the band Rata Blanca, considered one of the most important and influential bands of the metal in Spanish. Years later Mario Ian converted to Christianity, being now one of the most influential singers in the Latin American Christian metal scene. Mario will perform with Whitecross only in the first concert that will be held in San Marcos on December 9th, along with them will also play "Sacrificio" a local heavy metal band.

The second Whitecross concert in Guatemala will be held in Sumpango, a province very close to the capital of Guatemala. The band in charge of opening this concert is called Sangre Inocente, a band very well known in the Christian metal in this country, led by Saul Aragon, former guitarist of the emblematic Christian hard rock band Vox Dei.

Whitecross has made 9 studio albums, and winner of three Dove awards, became one of the main Christian metal bands of all times after the good reception of their first album in 1987, creating classic songs like Walk With MeYou Will Find It ThereNo Second Chances, In The Kingdom, among others. 

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