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Bloodgood Releases Trailer for ‘Trenches of Rock’

Published on March 18th, 2017 | by Anthony Martinez

The band Bloodgood has posted a trailer for "Trenches of Rock", an upcoming documentary about tha band. Trenches of Rock and Roll chronicles the 3 decade history of BLOODGOOD: Starting from the band’s 1985 debut cassette demo, Metal Missionaries, which put them on the map and won them the attention of Frontline Records & blues hall of fame & veteran music producer, Darrell Mansfield, leading to their first record deal. Their platinum-selling sophomore album Detonation was followed by their first major U.S. & European tour, 3 subsequent studio records, 8 live releases, and numerous compilation albums - ultimately solidifying their status as one of the founding fathers of Christian Metal in the 80s .
 BLOODGOOD’s road was paved by conflict with mainstream music that found their blatant use of religious-based lyrics an unfitting marriage with heavy metal, as well as extreme conservatives who believed heavy metal was secular & from the devil. Seattle-based BLOODGOOD, led by bassist Michael Bloodgood & lead vocalist Les Carlsen, forged on undeterred for decades, continually spreading their positive message through their music, saving thousands of estranged teenagers & adults from their depression & thoughts of suicide – at the time an unheard of juxtaposition to the typical message of rock & roll. In The Trenches of Rock and Roll explores the depth of their ministry, the ensuing brotherhood & camaraderie of its band members, & the hardship & perseverance it takes to keep a rock band together for 3 decades. 

Trenches includes in-depth interviews with many past & present BLOODGOOD members, openly sharing their individual perspectives, internal struggles, triumphs & tragedies, layered throughout reels of unseen archival footage, much of which were obtained from the personal collections of the band. Trenches is essential viewing for BLOODGOOD & rock & roll fans alike, as well as anyone who wants an up close look at what makes a historical band legendary.

This project, which began in June 2012, is directed by Paul Michael Bloodgood and Annie Marie Bloodgood of Bloodygood Pictures, and produced executive by Oscar and Grammy winning director, James Moll

The documentary will premiere on March 25 at the Atlanta Film Festival. You can preorder your copy on:


DVD Front Cover

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