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"Runation" The new album of "The World Will Burn" can be preordered now

Published on january 24th, 2017 | by Anthony Martinez

Dale Thompson
and Alan Zaring of The World Will Burn are pleased to announce that their newest album, "RuiNation" is now available for pre-purchase.  

"Severity" was a surprise hit of 2016.  It quickly went to the top of the Amazon Hot New Alternative metal download chart and stayed near the top for months.  TWWB had one #1 single and two other songs in the top 50 from "Severity".  The new album stays true to the formula created in the first album, but adds much more texture and energy to the songs.  It is truly a unique and groundbreaking album. 

Dale and Alan felt that the world of heavy music needed some fresh air because so many bands tended to have the same sound and it was becoming impossible to tell them apart.  The World Will Burn is modern alternative metal but stays true to the classics of hard rock and metal from the 70s and 80s, creating a unique and original sound.

Several different packages are available at the band's website www.theworldwillburn.com  Fans can even get their name in the album for a nominal cost, which has been an extremely popular offering. 

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