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Top Christian Rock Albums of 1966

Published on October 22th, 2016 | by Anthony Martinez

Except for the first album of Larry Norman,  John Fisher and Mylon Lefevre in 1969, it is difficult for many people conceive the idea of another Christian rock albums in the 60s. But believe it or not, over the decade of the 60s, there were several records of artists and Christian bands that sounded their guitars to a more contemporary sound.

Long before of the Jesus Music in the United States, some groups like Mind Garage, Sons of Thunder, The Crusaders, or The Exceptions, began to mix rock music with Christian messages. However, in the UK, there were no isolated groups, it was clearly a movement.

I do not want to offend anyone, but I could say that all these artists of the 60s are the 'Pre-pioneers' because they were long before of the pioneers Lary Norman, Mylon Lefevre or Agape.

Our list of the best albums of 1966, shows the records of several Christian artists, that although they were not widely known, caused controversy in the circles of the local churches. Perhaps the most popular artists featured in this list are "The Joystrings". They were one of the most popular groups in the UK in the 60s.

While you may know that “Strawberry Fields Forever” was inspired by John Lennon’s memories of playing in the garden of a Salvation Army children’s home near where he lived, you may not know that  "The Joystrings", an Army group shared the UK Top 50 chart with The Beattles in 1964

In 1966, the terms "Christian Rock" or "Contemporary Christian Music", did not exist. There was no tag  for these artists, only were Christians guys talking of God with "secular music".

Not all discs you look here are 100% "Rock", but they had a more contemporary and youthful sound, some have more "rock" than others, all of them, becoming pioneers in use of music that was not well seen in traditional churches.

All these records were released 50 years ago, and although at present are not well known, are historical records that should not be forgotten or rejected. 

11  The Concords - Soul Purpose LP

Home Town: London, England
Label: Emblem Records
Style: Beat, Pop, Rock,Gospel

A1 Teach me thy Way
A2 Dig Deep and Strike the Rock
A3 The Highest Hill
A4 In my Heart
A5 He Thinks of you
A6 Early In the Morning

B1 I Have Met The Master
B2 The Bible Tells Me So
B3 My Friend And I
B4 The Bible Asks Many Questions


10  Tony Mossop With The Soulseekers EP
Home Town: London, England
Label: Herald
Style: Gospel, Soul, Rockabilly

A1 - He Bought My Soul At Calvary
A2 - Where Could I Go

B1 - It Is No Secret
B2 - Then Jesus Came


09  The Liverpool Raiders - Big Story EP
Home Town: Liverpool, England
Label: Tower
Style: Pop, Folk, Rock

A1 - The Big Story
A2 - I Wish I Knew

B1 - Lord & Giver Of LIfe
B2 - Rhythm In Religion
B3 - There Is God


08  The Cobblers EP
Home Town: Preston, England
Label: Herald
Style: Pop, Rock, Lounge, Beat, Psych

A1 - Peace In The Valley
A2 - Tenderly He Watches

B1 - There Is A Green Hill
B2 - Just The Same


07  Terry Dene - Now / With The Soulseekers - EP
Home Town: London, England
Label: Herald
Style: Rock and roll, Pop, Rockabilly

A1 - One Day
A2 - Down From His Glory

B1 - Just Call
B2 - Genesis (Instrumental)


06  The Proclaimers - The Proclaimers EP
Home Town: London, England
Label: Herald
Style: Folk, Gospel, Rock and roll

A1 - How Long Has It Been
A2 - Jesus Remembered Me

B1 - Streets Of Gold
B2 - The Way To God


05  The Joystrings - Joystrings Abroad EP
Home Town: London, England
Label: Salvation Army Records / Emi
Style: Pop, Beat, Rock and roll

A1 - Lord On Our Side
A2 - Time

B1 - Love That's in my Heart
B2 - Without him


04  The Witnesses EP
Home Town: Liverpool, England
Recorded in London on Saturday 30th July 1966
Label: Herald
Style: Rock and roll, Beat, Pop

A1 - Why?
A2 - Everything Will Be Alright

B1 - Another Day
B2 - The Winning Side

All words and music  by Chris Keenan & Jimmy Nunnen


03  The Exceptions - Rock and Roll Mass EP
Home Town: Chicago, U.S.
Label: Flair
Style: Rock and roll, Folk, Psycho

A1 - Lord Have Mercy
A2 - Glory To God

B1 - Holy, Holy, Holy
B2 - Our Father
B3 - Lamb Of God


02  The Crusaders - Make a Joyful Noise with Drums & Guitars LP

Home Town: Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Label: Tower /Capitol
Style: Rock and roll, Gospel

A1 - Little Drummer Boy
A2 - Battle Hymn of the Republic
A3 - God lives
A4 - You'll never walk alone
A5 - With the lord at our side

B1 - Praise with the lord
B2 - What is man
B3 - He's got the whole world
B4 - Onward Christian soldiers (instrumental)
B5 - Make a joyful noise

Produced by Hank Levine and Larry Goldberg


01  The Joystrings - Well Seasoned LP

Home Town: London, England
Label: Salvation Army Records /  Epic Records
Style: Pop, Beat, Rock and roll, Gospel

A1 - Keep Me In Your Love
A2 - He Is Near
A3 - No Time to Lose
A4 - Where Will It End
A5 - Long Lost Cause
A6 - Friend For You
A7 - There Will Be God
A8 - Love That's All Around

B1 - We Three Kings of Orient Are
B2 - Silent Night Holy Night
B3 - The Little King Jesus
B4 - O Little Town of Bethlehem
B5 - Away in a Manger
B6 - Mary's Boy Child
B7 - Do You Hear What I Hear
B8 - The Holly and the Ivy

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