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Tourniquet in search of a new vocalist

Published on May 8th, 2016 | by Anthony Martinez

After the departure of Luke Easter few months ago, drummer and co-founder of the band Torniquet, Ted Kirkpatrick, right through the official facebook page of the band, has said they are in search of a new singer.

<< The Tourniquet lead vocalist position is now open for auditions. Although we have a few excellent singers in mind, we first would like to see who might be out there. It’s interesting that several very well known bands have done the same – most recently Stone Temple Pilots.
We’re open to either a vocalist or a vocalist/guitarist (think Michael Sweet, Dave Mustaine, etc.). Also, the ability to sing and do some thrash vocals is a big plus, but not required. >>

Is Tourniquet coming to an end? Apparently Ted Kirkpatrick it is staying alone. 

For a band like Tourniquet will not be difficult to find a good vocalist, the next challenge is to ensure that fans of the band accept the next vocalist, taking into account that after 22 years, some of the first fans of the band never accepted to Luke Easter as vocalist of Tourniquet.


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