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Exodo Fest, Tlaxcala Mexico | March 24-25-26, 2016

Published on May 27, 2016 | by David CrossChild

From the moment that end Chicago's Cornerstone Festival I was visit many other festivals looking for a alternative to this festival, right now Exodo Fest have 14 edition but I never had the opportunity to visit this one because is out of United States, is in La Malinche, a Volcano in Mexico. 
This time I’m very excited to see my friends from Puerto Rico, the band Sacrosent who will play in the festival because I know those guys from their beginning when I presented Sacred Warrior in San Juan, Puerto Rico in CrossFire Concert in 2009 in Hard Rock CafĂ©. Anyway, the band let me know about their participation at the Exodo Festival and invited to me to join in the trip, but then they told me that for some logistic from the people that organized the show I can’t stay with the band in Mexico and I will need to contact directly with the promoter of the festival in order to assist. 

This don’t stop me, and between other things, well, I contacted first the director and sent some message on his facebook but he told me that If I go will be on my own and camping like any other guest at the Festival and other comments that are not necessary to discuss now, so, I contacted the person that is running the festival page in facebook and this person told me that If I go to the Festival I need to be in a address on time on Thursday because the bus will pick me up in this place with the rest of the people that will going to the festival but I told to the person that I will be at the airport in Mexico on Wednesday and I will be stay with the band Sacrosent and I will like to be pick up with them because I know the bus will be close to the airport so this was not a problem. By the way, I pay for my transportation like the other guess ok, Just I was pick up same place as the band. 

I need to add that I explain to the guy that is running the facebook festival page that I will need to be very earlier on Sunday morning at the airport and he promise to me that will be busses from 7am going back to the city from the Volcano. 

Really, people told me that Mexico is very high place from the sea level and now I believe is true. As soon as the plane was closing to the Mexico City my blood pressure was increasing and I feel a lot of hot and I was very sick. When we landing I feel like I was very heavy and I can’t breath and was tired very faster. But the emotion of be there was incredible. Funny stuff was that I know that at festival will be the bands Deliverance and Grave Robber but I don’t imagine that I will see the guys at the airport. I saw this guy with long hair and beard and my mind was told me, you know this guy and I saw another man talking with him and I can’t more, the curiosity was killing me and I close to them to say hi, sorry for the interruption but I think I know you guys and I was right, Mr. Victor Macias from the old Tourniquet Band and Mr. George Ochoa from the very first Deliverance CD, wow this is worthy I never in my live think that I will be know this 2 guys, Never!!! 

Well, Sacrosent and I stay at a hotel very close to the airport so we decide to visit the food court at airport and we found a place name Wings, oh the food is very good, very delicious and good prices, we like it so much that we decide to return next morning for breakfast! 

Anyway, Thursday morning after the breakfast, just start our pilgrimage to the Volcano. I just Jump to the adventure, in my mind was not clear about how can be a Festival on that place and I never be stay before on a Volcano and the intrigue was bigger every time we was closer to the place. 

The sight was awesome, I took a lot of pictures, all that I can, finally we arrived after 3 hours of journey! The place is very beautifull and very wooded. We register in the place and I was prepared for camping at the place as we talked before with the Pastor, I put my tent but thanks God I don’t need to use because after all was a extra bed at the room with Sacrosent on their cabin but I left my tent there because was in a good place very close to the big stage and I can use during the day. 

After share some time with new friends I still feel nervous and exited but finally the Festival start in the afternoon. The very first we saw was a drama with the born, rise and crucifixion of Jesus Crist, but in a very particular presentation because the characters was mixes with the Science Fiction Movie Star Wars and Darth Vader was King Herod or Herod the Great and order to kill all the children minors of 2 year trying to kill Jesus Sky Walker or The Chosen one. Was very original and the clothes a mix between Star Wars and the Jesus era and the music, yes was music like a movie, we can hear Saviour Machine and many others and also some of the character was the 3 wise men play like scientific, anyway you must be there to understand this drama, very original, very good. 

After drama was several conferences and preaching this was all this afternoon, several Pastors gave testimonies to the presents one of them was Mr. Shawn Browning he is not only the lead singer of Grave Robber Band he also is a Pastor. 

The music started after 7pm with a lot of local bands and too many with death metal influences, bands like Violence in Heaven, Legion Desinfector, We are Resistance, Those Who Suvbert, Lisania, We can Pray Beyond The Sin, Falling Darkness, Utopia, A.S.W.T. Histemi, Spora Rock y Godswill

Really I can’t remember the specific order that they played but with then was join Deliverance, Grave Robber, Silent Planet, Pressive, Deborah and Sacrosent, I need to add that Deliverance only play on Good Friday. 

Anyway, all the bands are very good but was one that really take my attention and was Legion Desiftector! What a sound and the uniforms and mask! And they gave a very good show! The sound like Circle of Dust, Argle Park and Klank! Well at least Grave Robber can’t feel alone anymore, now we have a Mexican band that play with mask too!! All bands played both days Thursday and Good Friday except Deliverance

My friend Sacrosent played also both days and their music include Soldado de Metal, Legado Eterno, Perdido, Barco a Tarsis, El Ultimo Portal, El Reino Perdido and Lastima. Sacrosent play hard and rock on at the very first people don’t support the band because was the first time they heard the band but after play the first song the stage was full of people giving support to the band. When the band finished their part the people start screaming for more and they play another song. After that they have a lot of fan was taking pictures with the band and after know that the band will play on Saturday night they already request song that will like to hear again. One of the chosen was "Lastima". I think was the Hit of the tour because people love that song on Thursday and Good Friday night. 

Another favorites Band was Grave Robber with their very particular entrance, their costume created a big impact with the few people that never saw the band before, because this was not the first time that the band play in Mexico and they have a lot of fans there, even they play with new member, all the presents was singing their songs. Ah was great listen Wretched speak in Spanish. Between their songs was Straight To Hell, Haunted House, Reanimator, Paranormal Activity, Burn wich Burn, Last Man On Earth, I Wanna Kill You Over and Over Again, Dark Angel, Skelletons, Nightbreed, I, Zombie and Army Of The Dead. A observation, I saw the drummer from The Crucified play Thursday with Grave Robber and then Good Friday with Deliverance and again with Grave Robber only 25 minutes rest. I took my hat off in front of Mr. Jim Chaffin really good job. 

Now, a band that I never hear before was Silent Planet, I never listen their music before, but they do a great show, their style was something very similar to Underoath, was some kind of chemistry between the guitar player and the singer. Something very impressed to all of us was see the stars and the moon so clean in the middle of this cold, and one of the songs of the band talked about that, the last song was about the beautiful creation of God and a lot of us start looking in the sky to see the stars and the moon and just in that moment a falling start show up in the right moment than the singer was talking about the song and when their start to play that song you can feel God in this place, a very special moment. This finished the Thursday night. 

Friday Morning, a lot of conferences, different Preachers and Pastors all day. And I need to add that I jump o couple of that, sorry! I was very tired for the trip, and the journey and a concert all in one day and we finished very late the day before. But we share a little bit on a very good restaurant in the front of the complex where I taste a real local food, wow so good! And that flavor, not the American restaurant that sold Mexican food their either are close the theses flavor, well, I also used a lot of Hot and spicy, LOL. For my surprise was not a ATM on that place, so very soon I was not carry local currency and either American money even was a touristic place but thanks to my friend of Sacrosent for help me during the rest of the day because Saturday morning we found another restaurant that accept ATM and we can pay our bills.

No doubt we are in a very high mountain because my blood pressure was killing me, during several times I feel sick and I even can breath in special during the night when I was sleeping, and also the cold in the night was too much for me, and thanks God I was inside the cabin, I can’t imagine If I was at the tent. I think I will be freezing. 

The Bass player of Sacrosent start his own adventure and he escape to the top of the Volcano, I will like to go with him but I was not in condition, nop, I’ m not, maybe 10 years ago but today, I don’t think so, I can’t breath just with a little walk from the cabin to the festival place, I can’t imagine myself walking to the top of the mountain, LOL. 

Finally Friday night and the music start again! And this time Sacrosent play the music that the public demand including the song Lastima and again we listen also the local band Legion Desinfector and the band Deborah, they also played only on Good Friday, I never saw Deborah before, only some videos on youtube and they have a lot of talent. 

After that play the band Deliverance and they show the message of Jesus between the songs. They start with Intro Supplication, This Present Darkness, Stay Of Execution, If You Will, The Call, Learn, Belltown, No Time, 23, What A Joke, Flesh And Blood, Sanctuary, all good classics from all the music but can’t be out the hit Weapons Of Our Warfare and they invite to the stage Mr. Wretched from Grave Robber

Then, like 25 minutes later Grave Robber start playing again, the music continue all night, maybe 2 or3 am, really I can’t finished the show, because during the day the people of the fest let me know that will not be a bus Sunday morning at 7 am as was promise to me in the festival page in facebook, so, I try to left the festival during the night with the bands that will be going to the airport that night. 

Deliverance depart after show, and the drummer will left the festival after play with Grave Robber but the Pastor told me that will be no space with then to go to the airport, even I explain that I will lost my plane back to Dallas.

 Saturday, all shows was cancelled and only was the drama again of the Galactic Nativity and Crucifixion of the Jesus Skywalker, sorry, The Chosen one, that was his name during the drama. Sacrosent was interview for some local radios and TV shows. Good for them.

Finally, Sunday at noon, time to go home, and the promise transportation never show up! The bus that we used to go to the festival never show up and now the Festival looking for help with some cars and a small bus to take us back to the city. At least after I ask to Pastor Miguel for the fancy bus that came with us on Thursday morning he decide to return to me part of the money and this help me to buy some food because I was not carry local money and unfortunately they just carry us to Puebla Mexico and we are very far from Mexico city and the airport in Mexico. Wants in Puebla we walked in the city looking for the bus station, we find the Estrella Roja bus company to return to Mexico airport but the driver was not sure in what terminal will be my airline and he drop to me in the wrong terminal. So, I need to pay another bus from my terminal to the other, again with local money. 

By the time that I arrived to airline counter, everybody already gone, so I spend the night at the airport until 3am when finally the employees check my bags and can’t return to Dallas. 

I understood that is a Fest and the responsibility is only with the bands, but the guy I spoke on line in facebook promise to me transportation at 7 am on Sunday morning and this never happened, I lost my flight back home and I don’t know, I think people need to be clear or at least coordinated every single detail and this little things can’t be happening again. 

Anyway was a good time with my new friends from Mexico and some other from different countries from Center America and for sure I will return to Mexico again but this time to check the Pyramids. 

David Sanchez 
FireCross Ministry, Inc.

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