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Newsboys - Love Riot (2016)

Style: Pop, Rock, 
Release date: March 4, 2016
Format: CD Album | Digital
Tracks: 10
Label: Fair Trade Records
Rating: 70%

1. Crazy
2. Hero
3. Love Riot
4. Guilty
5. You Hold It All (Every Mountain)
6. No Longer Slaves
7. Family of God
8. Committed
9. Earthquake
10. What I Want Them to Say


No need to say who are these guys, with nearly two million followers on facebook, and more than 30 years of history, is proof that it is one of the most important Christian bands since the 90s.

Unfortunately, their lineup has had some changes in recent years, not all were happy to learn that Peter Furler was replaced by Michael Tait. I never imagined that Michael Tait would become the lead singer of Newsboys, anyway, the band is going through one of its best moments. The constant change of members, has made the band has changed their musical style in a couple of songs.

Their latest album "Love Riot" is proof that Newsboys is showing a new musical facet, different from what we hear when Peter Furler and Phil Joel were in the band.

This is not an album that you can enjoy first inning. Pop music is more prevalent in this album, loaded with synthesizers in almost every song.

The first three tracks seem promising, after that, everything becomes boring, little creative, songs that resemble between them, there is not much that can say, the songs do not last long, but seems to have been an eternity to hear the entire disc.

There isn't enough driving guitar work anymore in Pop Contemporary Christian music. Jody's guitar work is very light, and deserves to shine more. 

This can be a very liked album by Christian teenagers who are beginning to know about the band, but for old fans of the band, may not be what they expect hear.


Oficcial Website: http://www.newsboys.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/newsboys.official/

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