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Sacred Warrior releases their newest single "Slave"


Chicago, IL - Christian power metal pioneers Sacred Warrior have released their newest single \"Slave\", a fundraising effort about the horrors faced by the victims caught in sexual trafficking and exploitation, and the evil that perpetuates it. \"Slave\" is available now for free streaming from YouTube at the fundraising campaign page (https://igg.me/at/4Q-SsK80uAc), or for free downloading via their website www.sacredwarrior.net.  It is the first new music from Sacred Warrior in a long time, and features a VERY special collaboration between Eli Prinsen and former lead singer Rey Parra in dueling, soaring vocal duet!!. This song was conceived and recorded as a response to a heart-breaking interview about young people caught in sex trafficking and exploitation heard on the radio by guitarist Bruce Swift. The band felt compelled to contribute in the best way they knew how, which meant telling a story through an epic metal song designed to urge listeners to join the band in taking action where they live.

This song is a gift to a Chicago-area organization called Naomi\'s House http://www.naomishouse.org, which is a residential program for women rescued from sexual trafficking and exploitation in the Chicago area. The proceeds from the accompanying fundraising campaign will be given in their entirety to the completion of Naomi\'s House and its first-year operating expenses. 

\"Slave\" fundraiser page: https://igg.me/at/4Q-SsK80uAc
Naomi\'s House Website: http://www.naomishouse.org
Sacred Warrior Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/sacr

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