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March 3, 1958: The story of a Christian band called "The Venturers" it's known throughout England

Published on March 3th, 2016 | by Anthony Martinez

    This is a great historical date, little known but very important in the story of the Christian music. On March 3, 1958, nearly four and a half million readers  were surprised when the newspaper more sold in Britain The Daily Mirror,  wrote the story of a new band of Skiffle music called "THE VENTURERS" formed by Christian youths. Something that caught the attention of the media in the UK.

    The group who in the '50s and '60s led the way in changing the Church's approach to music, THE VENTURERS, is undoubtedly a pioneering group, although never sounded too "Rock and roll" were the first Christian group to make a more contemporary sound than the traditional Christian music in UK.

    A few years later, would begin a scene of Christian bands throughout the UK, The Joystrings, The Crossbeats, Pilgrims, The Envoys, Liverpool Raiders, just to mention some, Buzz Magazine began as a need to cover the activity of all these Christian groups. The Venturers is perhaps the first Christian group of its kind in the UK and the rest of the world, despite not have sounded very "rock n roll.

    In the 1950s, in an age when Britain's churches were cocooned in a musical diet of ancient hymnody and sacred solos this band of Bible college students had the temerity to strum guitars and play music not dissimilar to the popular music of the day. Although The Venturers were never quite the hep-cat rock'n'rollers of the Mirror headline writer's imagination they unquestionably pioneered music that the man-in-the-street, particularly youth, could relate to. Their popularity, and their notoriety, was to spread through Britain's evangelical churches. 

    By the early '60s The Venturers were, for a short time, the best-selling recording artists in Britain's Christian bookshops. But after the band finally called it a day in 1965 The Venturers' groundbreaking efforts in what was to eventually become contemporary Christian music were forgotten. 

    For over 40 years, many have believed that Contemporary Christian music and Christian rock began in the United States in the late 60s with people like Larry Norman or Mylon LeFevre. Which is totally false, this misinformation may be due to The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. Everything indicates that the pionners of contemporary Christian music and Christian rock, were in UK in the late 50s and early 60s. Someone should give them the credit they do not believe?

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