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First official photo of Barren Cross 1983


This is the first official photo of Barren Cross, taken in 1983, they would later become one of the most important Christian metal bands of the 80s.

A little fun watching Jim with mustache and a handkerchief tied around his neck, this is a photograph taken 33 years ago, and Mike Lee does not seem to have changed much (Mike recommends eating fruits and vegetables). 

In that year Barren Cross launched its first demos, which were released just a couple of years ago, right through your website www.barrencross.comJust a couple of years later, they opened for Stryper and filmed their first videos, and released their first EP Believe. 

But despite having released several albums in the 80s, in recent years they have not released more than a live album, while people continue waiting for a studio album, but so far they have not spoken about it.

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