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New, fresh-roasted Tourniquet coffee just arrived !

Iron Maiden, Kiss, Motörhead, ACDC, Status Quo, Grateful Dead and Pearl Jam are just some of the bands that have released their own beer.

But Ted Kirkpatrick did not like much that pattern of behavior and decided to do something different with Tourniquet. So they decided to launch their own coffee ...
If, they decided to make something different from what others had done, and what better than a good coffee  flavored to rock?

New, fresh-roasted coffee Tourniquet just arrived! Who knows what we Might throw in Free with your order? 
This is how Ted unveiled the new  "Tourniquet Cofee", on Wednesday 30 September right through the official facebook page of Tourniquet.

This is an amazing coffee in three varieties - one from El Salvador, one from Indonesia and one from Ethiopia - all distinctly different, all from small sustainable farms that use Rainforest Alliance and organic practices like keeping forests standing, protecting wildlife, no use of pesticides, transforming business practices, and paying farmers a fair price.

To learn more about this product visit the following link:


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