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DeGarmo & Key - Six, Six, Six (Original and edited) 1984


DeGarmo & Key were the first Christian group to have a music video appear on MTV. The original video for the song "Six, Six, Six" was one of a number of videos that MTV pulled from rotation due to violent content. The purge was a public reaction to the U.S. Senate hearings on sex and violence in music. MTV had ironically misinterpreted the song "Six, Six, Six" as an anti-Christian statement. According to industry news reports at the time, MTV exec Sandra Sparrow was unaware that DeGarmo & Key were a Christian band when she included the video in a list of videos to be excised. An embarrassed MTV allowed DeGarmo & Key to submit a re-edited version, which was placed back into rotation. Removed from the re-edited video was a short scene of a man representing the Antichrist being set on fire.

This was the original video for "Six, Six, Six" that MTV banned because of "violence" during the scene where the Anti-Christ is in a full body burn



This was the EDITED video for "Six, Six, Six." MTV banned the original video because of "violence" during the scene where the Anti-Christ is in a full body burn. During the edited version, the full body burn was changed to a magical orb that tells the events of the "end-times".

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