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Cornerstone '84 - The 77's - Daniel Amos - Steve Taylor


Cornerstone '84
Recorded by Joe Cote - July 1984 at the first Cornerstone
Video Production by BigDork
(scroll down for set lists)

Seventy Sevens
Daniel Amos
Steve Taylor

Taking another trip down memory lane before anyone thought of the Lost Dogs, back when Mike Roe wore makeup, DA was still New Wave and Steve Taylor was just a singer with Some Band. 

Look for Tim Chandler playing lead guitar, Steve Taylor breaking his ankle when he jumps off the stage and Mike Roe being uh... Mike Roe. If you were there you may even spot yourself in the crowd.

Seventy Sevens 
someone new 0:08
caught in an unguarded moment 3:33
a different kind of light 6:52
renaissance man 10:41
another nail 14:16
it's so sad 18:50
ping pong over the abyss 25:20

Daniel Amos
i didn't build it for me 29:30
who is it? (talking heads cover) 34:03
real girls 37:45
as the world turns 42:10
new car! 46:22 48:27
memory lane 51:55
mall all over the world 56:21
endless summer 59:49
sanctuary 1:02:27

Steve Taylor
i want to be a clone 1:08:16
bad rap (who you trying to kid kid) 1:11:28
watcha gonna do when your numbers up 1:14:25
guilty by association 1:17:54
steeplechase 1:20:57
meet the press 1:22:22
meltdown at madame tussaud's 1:26:33
over my dead body 1:30:58

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