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Bride's first three albums will be reissued on vinyl


Recently, the launch of the first three albums Bride was announced.
"Show No Mercy (1986), Live to Die (1988), Silence Is Madness (1989) will be reissued on vinyl soon by Blastzone Entertainment.

Show No Mercy is the 1986 Pure Metal Records debut album by the American heavy metal band BRIDE.  Less commercial than the groups later works, the album received a mixed reception in its time, as it was somewhat more extreme and darker than many Christian releases coming out at the time.

Only 500 copies of Show No Mercy will be pressed on mixed vinyl, with the demo version to “Missing Children” included as a bonus track along with the original ten songs.

Released in 1988, Live To Die is the Pure Metal Records sophomore release by the American heavy metal and BRIDE.  The album is considered by critics to be the groups finest from its mid to late eighties heavy metal era, with songs such as “Hell No” and “Heroes” turning into Christian metal anthems and concert staples alike.

The 500 copies to Live To Die pressed on mixed vinyl will include demo bonus tracks "Who Killed The Rock Hero", "He's The Flyer" and "Heroes".

Silence Is Madness is the third album by the American heavy metal band Bride, released on Pure Metal Records 1989.  It marked the end of the bands heavy metal era, as BRIDE started to pursue a bluesy hard rock direction starting with its early nineties albums Kinetic Faith and Snakes In The Playground.

With only 500 copies pressed on mixed vinyl, Silence Is Madness will include the demo bonus tracks "Dirty", "Good Rock "N" Roll" and "Help".

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