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Timothy Gaines talk about Arthur Blessitt

Timothy Gaines, bassist of the legendary and acclaimed band Stryper, he referred this week to Arthur Blessitt on his Facebook page

Arthur Blessit, the minister of the Sunset Strip and founder of the His Place nightclub, the psychedelic evangelist came to prominence in the late 1960s after preaching at a local strip club. Blessitt was responsible for Christianizing some of the counterculture's sayings, including "turn on to Jesus," and comparing salvation to an "eternal rush." Arthur carried a cross across America and felt called of God to go overseas in the summer of 1971. He has continued to do so until the present. Arthur is considered one of the leaders of the Jesus People movement.

Something we could not imagine is that Tim Gaines would receive one of the stickers distributed by Arthur Blessitt in 1978, something that Tim decided to save up to today. Five years later Tim Gaines would become a Christian, God's purpose in the life of Tim Gaines was fulfilled in 1983 when Tim Gaines joins Stryper, the most emblematic Christian metal band. Since then Timothy and Stryper have talked about the love of Jesus, carrying the message of God to millions around the world and giving away Bibles in all their concerts for over 30 years.

So wrote Tim Gaines on his Facebook page:  "Jesus freaks out in the streets, handing tickets out for God." Back in the 70's the Sunset Strip was such a trippy place. Rockers punks queers and prostitutes.... And then there was Arthur Blessitt... "Handing tickets out for God." I got this sticker from him while standing in front of the Whiskey a go go in '78. I put it in my Bible and it's been there ever since... "Turning back she just laughs, the boulevard is not that bad...?" Five years later I committed my life to Christ.

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