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Stryper confronts the movie industry with their new song “Big Screen Lies”


Stryper releases another song that will be part of the  next studio album "Fallen," a controversial song that criticizes the way in which Christians are portrayed in movies or other television programs.

Michael Sweet described the song with this sentiment, ““It talks about how Christians are mocked on screen. I don’t know if you know this, but 9.5-times-out-of-10 in movies or on television, Christians are portrayed as maniacal lunatics and backwoods crazies who aren’t in touch with reality. There are some like that, but I wanted to write a song that showed this was not true for everybody. A lot of bright, grounded people are Christians.”

The Fallen album will be released on October 16th through Frontier records. 

Fans who pre-ordered Stryper​’s new album on Apple Music/iTunes, songs Big Screen Lies, Yahweh and the title track, Fallen will all download instantly. Click here to pre-order, Fallen.

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