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Sacred Warrior is recording their next album

By Shine Glam

Sacred Warrior. An awesome band, with awesome musicians and especially great ministers. Who doesn’t remember powerful songs such as Little Secrets, Rebellion, Heavens are calling, Sweet Memories, or Children of the Night, among many others?
This band with memorable songs, which have been changed as to members of the group, never changed their classic sound. In fact, their latest album released in 2013, “Waiting in Darkness”, without Rey Parra in vocals, but with another great and powerful singer, Eli Prinsen, is truly spectacular and one of the best albums nowadays, with a sound, as I said, very classic and heavy.

Currently, Sacred Warrior is working on new songs for a  new album. In this new release, it would have another absence, because Joe Petit has decided to retire from music to devote himself to his family. This was communicated in the oficial facebook page of sacred warrior.

In addition, a video of the band in the studio was posted on their page, and that make us feel more anxious and eager of listening to the music they are working on. Also, the band commented very very interesting things..

“This is going to be the pre-release single for the new CD and will feature Eli Prinsen and Rey Parra sharing the vocals.”
“There’s a little old, a little new, and a lot of Rock coming up.”

We talked to Steve Watkins, the bass player of Sacred Warrior, and He told us about the new album and why we’re going to really enjoy the music is coming. “With this CD we are going to venture a bit more into the Symphonic Metal scene. The music will still have the Sacred Warrior roots, but mabe a bit heavier than Waiting in Darkness”, said.

“We use Universal Audio plugins on all of our recordings. They have the most real sound to generate a space that we have found.”, continues telling about the recording.

Regarding rehearsal of the band and how they compose songs He said: ”We rehearse in Sanctuary Sound Studio1-2 nights a week”.”We usually start writing the songs when Bruce (Swift) brings in a guitar idea. When that has been worked out, we add drums, then bass and keys. Last we write the melodies and lyrics”.

Finally, we asked him what’s the main thing Sacred Warrior want to convey to the fans in their songs, and Steve answered: “Hope. Jesus Christ is real, and in Him we have hope”. Having said that, I add that I’m more than agree and I can’t wait to hear the new stuff from this excellent band that never disappoint! 

Studio Update - 6,000 LIkes
Hello Warriors! As promised, here is a quick update from the guys in the studio and sneak peek at some new music! Stay tuned, exciting news and more great tunes are coming soon!
Posted by Sacred Warrior on Viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

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