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Jesus People Reunion 2015


All information has been extracted from the facebook page "Jesus People Meeting 2015":

Hi All! The reunion continue to come together with very little effort on our part… Confirmed musical guests are Chuck Girard, Chuck Butler with one of his bands (Parable or Chuck Butler Band),  Bill Batstone and Bob Bennett just completed an album of songs together and will share some of them at the reunion, Aslan (now called Brokenworks), Terry Clark, Dennis Agajanian, Dave Rios (Blessed Hope) possibly the Mustard Dogs (In some form..Pedro went to heaven last year), Debby and Ernie Rettino,and others still not confirmed.

Special guest speakers will include: Pastor Ron Wilkins (our host), Jamie Owens Collins, Pamela Neuman, Rick Schneblin, and LORD willing...
Duane Pederson who is recognize as one of the primary spearhead/ministers God used to reach countless souls in the Hollywood/Los Angeles area and beyond though his "Hollywood Free Paper."

Some more good news, Tarra Guy, an expert sound engineer (great on the fly) is driving in from Colorado to join us and do our soundAs for the many suggestions of artists, I would that we could have all of them come. I am a big fan of Randy Stonehill, Matthew Ward and others mentioned in your posts, however, we have limited time and resources so we will try to get them next year if we are still here. Sound good?

The Jesus People Reunion is about our over four decades long, Christian family and friends coming together in the LORD for koinonia (fellowship) and rejoicing in the LORD. It will be a great celebration of Jesus and all that He has done, is doing and will do in the lives of His people.

Many of us have toured together, logging thousands of miles on the road and in the air, on the sea….proclaiming the gospel, leading people to Christ.
We have slept on floors, cars, vans, and cheap hotels. 

We have suffered, fought, cried, died to self and overcome our shortcomings together.Most of us have nothing materially to show for the many years of ministry, but have a great wealth waiting for us across the threshold.
Personally, I only want to see Jesus as He is and be like Him. That will be my reward!

This is not a concert venue, there is no money involved, no tickets sold, no advertisements. There will be no egos to tolerate, humility will reign, agape will flow from heart to heart. Idealistic? Not at all. We live a miraculous life!  This is the life of the people whose God is the LORD!

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