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Venom, the new Impellitteri video


Impellitteri present 'Venom', the new video featuring the track taken from the upcoming album of the same name, 'Venom'.  

Chris Impellitteri is heralded as one of the world’s greatest guitar shredders, having been voted 2nd fastest guitarist in the world by ‘Guitar One’ magazine (2003), followed by Yngwie Malmsteen as the 3rd fastest shredder. Also ‘Guitar World’ magazine listed Chris within their top 50 fastest guitarists of all time (2008).

Impellitteri’s main drummer, Glen Sobel, had been enticed to play with Alice Cooper . So the tenth Impellitteri album ‘Venom’ (2015) introduces drummer Jon Dette (ex-Testament, Slayer) to the fold.

Frontiers Music is releasing ‘Venom’ on April 17th in Europe and April 21st in North America. Their press release states “Impellitteri had one vision when creating the music for Venom, which was to create a record that would excite and musically satisfy every metal fan, rock fan, and musician around the world. To add to their quest, they also wanted to create music that would take the listener on a musical journey thru different time periods of metal and rock. Ultimately, the band wanted to make music that would please both a hard-core metal fan and discriminating musician, whilst also sonically pleasing human beings that are usually turned off from metal due to the lack of melody, especially women! Whether the band has achieved this will be up to the listener.”

In case you were wondering, it was recorded in the same studio as Slash’s last album and Greg Reely’s production is superb.

Beyond that, I must say that this video is a "Copy - paste" from his previous video, Wicked Maiden.

 1. Venom
 2. Empire Of Lies
 3. We Own The Night
 4. Nightmare
 5. Face The Enemy
 6. Domino Theory
 7. Jehovah
 8. Rise
 9. Time Machine
 10. Holding On                                

 The Band:
 Chris Impellitteri - Lead Guitar
 Rob Rock - Lead Vocals
 James Pulli - Bass
 Jon Dette - Drums

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