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Barren Cross Singer Mike lee's father dies at age 69

Published on march 9th, 2015 | by Anthony Martinez

The father of Barren Cross singer Michael Drive Lee passed away Friday (Feb 20) at the age of 69. Mike Lee reported the death of his father a few days ago to through her facebook profile.

MikeSays:  " This has been a sad time for me. The last few weeks have been hard. My father, whom I loved, died unexpectedly on Feb. 20. I dropped everything and rushed to be with him; it was already too late, but I still wanted to be with him.... 

It is not easy losing someone you love no matter how you lose them. Some people blame God in these times, but who am I? I will not do this. God is GOD, and I am but dust and ashes before HIM. You might remember- just a few months back on Nov. 26, I even posted a new photo of my father and me together, right here on this Facebook page. It's still there; you can scroll down and see it. I have learned important things from my father, and I am grateful for the time I have been given to spend with him. This is my papa.... and I will miss him. "

Mike lee sang a song at the funeral of his father. Michael: " It is the song that I played at his funeral; because both musically and lyrically, it was the most outstanding and perfect song! I believe this will touch some of you, especially if you have lost someone you love. For those of you who don't know who this is, I introduce to you "Chi Coltrane"; one of the most gifted songwriters I have ever met, as well as being a great lead singer and pianist. She was a well known rock artist all over the world in the 70's, in Europe in the 80's, then had a sleeping illness for 20 years, got healed of it, and is now preparing a major comeback with a new album. This is a fairly recent composition of hers (2010), and I want you to hear it, because it touched my heart. The video is just rotating photos, but listen intently to the song itself: please turn off the lights, close your eyes, and listen to this loud with headphones."

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