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Barren Cross "Birth Pangs" - The Video [HD] Preview Trailer


The latest album by Barren Cross "Birth Pangs" is now a new High Def [HD] Multi-Cam Video as well, to go along with the double album of 18 songs! This is an hour and a half of relentless, dynamic BC! It’s amazing… The quality poured out into this video is partly rooted in the fact that this is one GREAT band! Combined with cool stage lights; songs well executed by it’s talented four original musicians; well written songs; a VERY good sounding audio; and a great front-row visual of the entire performance in High Def [HD].

On November 27, the group wrote this on his Facebook page:

If Barren Cross has meant something to you in the past, then I will ask you this favor, which I don’t think I have ever asked this before: we want many, many people to see this, so will you please help us out in this way? - Will you email the link of this YouTube video to all of your (email) contacts? And will you kindly also click your “share” button here in Facebook and post this to all your Facebook contacts as well “tweeting” this video link? We’re calling on you for your help in passing this around like crazy, in all the ways you can think of! Will you do that? In advance, I thank you for this, because I realize that it would be a kindness on your part to do so. 


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