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Michael Sweet, New album and autobiographical book


Less than a month for the release of the new album of Michael Sweet "I'M NOT YOUR SUICIDE" this is the track listing:

1. Taking On The World Tonight (feat Tony Harnell)
2. All That's Left (For Me To Prove)
3. The Cause
4. This Time (feat. Kevin Max, ex DC TALK)
5. I'm Not Your Suicide (co-written by Blair Daly)
6. Coming Home
7. Miles Away
8. Strong
9. How To Live (feat. Robert Sweet and Timothy Gaines of Stryper)
10. Heart Of Gold (Neil Young Cover)
11. Anybody Else (feat. Chris Jericho and Doug Aldrich)
12. Unsuspecting

About the book, Michael says:

I've spent the past several years pouring my heart and soul into an autobiographical book. The name of the book is "Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed" and I'm very excited to report that it is now available at MICHAELSWEET.COM.

It's a pre-sale campaign with all sorts of extras like a chance to win an ESP guitar that I used to make the upcoming solo album to coincide with the book, autographed bookmarks, an instant download of a chapter from the book and an unreleased song from the new album featuring Tony Harnell of TNT!

I've told all the stories of my life in this book, good or bad, and I've shared with you the most honest account of my life in and out of Stryper. I hope you enjoy it and I'm eternally grateful for your undying support and belief in all that I do.

Below is a video of me talking more about the project and a link to purchase the book and CD:

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